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What Can I Do While I’m Waiting for a Contractor?

COVID supply chain issues and labor shortages continue to haunt many contractors and retailers. These delays have pushed many projects to 2022, or even 2023.

If you’re waiting on a contractor to start a job in your home next year, it might seem like a long time between now and then – especially if you’ve already been waiting to tackle a major remodeling project. There are a few things you can do in the meantime to prepare for the project, however.

What Can I Do While I’m Waiting for a Contractor?

1. De-clutter. If you spent time perfecting your sourdough bread instead of cleaning your closets during the early part of the pandemic, you’re not alone. Now is the time, though, to start going through pantries, storage areas, junk drawers, dressers, and closets. Ask yourself:

      a. What needs be thrown out, versus recycled or donated?

      b. What needs to be replaced if I throw it out/recycle/donate?

      c. What can move to another location now, and what needs to stay in the room until the contractor arrives?

2. Clean. After the de-cluttering, it’s best to clean inside the space thoroughly. A microfiber dust cloth or damp rag, a quick vacuuming, or a whisk broom will likely do most of the job. Look around for any other issues, like any paint splatters on the doorknobs or window frames from past projects, or carpet stains/odors, and determine if a deeper cleaning should happen before or after the project.

3. If you’re remodeling a kitchen or laundry room, and in need of new appliances, order them as soon as possible. Lead times right now for new appliances are as long as 8 months out. Be sure to let your remodeler know what the measurements are for each new item as well.

What Can I Do While I’m Waiting for a Contractor?

Closer to the time of your project, you can:

4. Purge the freezer(s) and the pantry. Eat up what you’ve got, and get rid of expired items to clear out space. This might make for some weird meals, but you might also find some new combination that everyone likes!

5. Set up the temporary workspace(s):

      a. If you’re redoing your kitchen, talk through with your family where you want to place a temporary cooking setup. Will a microwave/toaster oven/coffee station do it all for you? Takeout or delivery is another option. Planning meals ahead of time will also be very important during the project’s timeframe.

      b. If you’re remodeling a laundry room or bathroom, coordinate with your family (and maybe friends) where and when you can use alternate options, like showering at the gym. 

6. Clear a work path. If you are having someone come in to do work in a part of the house (like your basement) that involves a bit of a walk from the front door or the garage, you might want to make sure that their path is clear of any breakable items, tripping hazards, other obstacles like baby or pet gates -- or offer instructions on how to get around them.

Using your waiting time wisely will definitely benefit you and your contractor, in the long run. If you can get through even a few steps of this process before your project begins, your contractor will thank you for the prep work ... trust us!


Shannon Janeczek

Shannon is the Marketing Manager for DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Ann Arbor. If you'd like to contact us with a guest blog post, or a remodeling story, just email her at marketing@dm-remodel.com.

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